Wish List

We are looking for contributions of the following items: Tabletop display panels; display easels (wood or aluminum); Photos of the Brooks Estate, Brooks family, or Medford citizens and the Estate (including Brooks Village alumni), and Victorian furniture. Please contact us if you can help with any of these items.


Volunteer group

Volunteers Working on
Brooks Pond Improvements

Are you interested in:

  • History?
  • Architecture?
  • Nature?
  • Photography?
  • Community service?
  • Having fun and learning something new?

Like all community organizations, we rely a great deal on the energies of our volunteers. We need your talent and we need your help!

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities our Board has identified as critical to our success. If you are interested in any of these, we'd love to hear from you! If you have other ideas, let us know, too.

Just e-mail your choice(s) to Cloaking , use our online form or fill out a printable volunteer form and mail it to us.

We'll be in touch!

Volunteer Activities

  • Cleanups, Spruce-ups or other on-site work days at the Brooks Estate
  • Landscape projects (such as vista clearing, invasive removal, etc. -- through the Landscape Committee)
  • Nesting and Migratory Bird Surveys
  • Manor Open House Guide (monthly Open Houses are generally held from March to November)
  • Manor Restoration (planning, interior work, painting, etc.)
  • Brooks Estate Gala (fund raiser) (September - October period)
  • Newsletter (contributing articles, photos, etc.)
  • Membership Support (stuffing envelopes, sending renewals, etc.)
  • General Outreach (staffing literature tables at community and local events, etc.)
  • Education / Schools (developing field trips, working with teachers, etc.)
  • Photography (take photographs at events, of the Estate, etc.)
  • Development, grant research, grant-writing, etc. (work on or with Development Committee)
  • Business Planning (Re-use Plan, etc.)
  • Historical Research / Archive Work
  • Web site maintenance
  • Videotaping (history of the Estate, M-BELT activities, etc.)

Thank you for your participation and your ongoing support of the Brooks Estate!