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Birding at the Brooks Estate

The Brooks Estate attracts both the novice and expert birder throughout the year.
Birding information.

Fun Fact

Native Americas camped here in the summer while fishing in the Mystic River.

Visitor Guide and More

Verandah - restoration details (2016)

Verandah - restoration details (2016)

The Brooks Estate is located on Grove Street in Medford, MA, about 5 miles North of Boston, 0.8 mile north of High Street (Route 60). Detailed map.

Use "275 Grove Street, Medford" for Google Maps; pin will be at the Manor. For a current Welcome Packet and detailed Visitor Guide, send an e-mail to Cloaking


Trails are open from dawn to dusk. Manor Open Houses are held from time to time -- please see our events page for dates and times.

Manor and Carriage House

The Shepherd Brooks Manor is under restoration. See our events page for dates and times of Manor events.

Private tours for groups or organizations can be arranged in the warmer months. Please e-mail Cloaking .


Trails are open from dawn to dusk for walking, jogging, birding and nature study. Contact us for a trail map.

Dog Walking

Individual visitors are welcome to walk their dog(s) at the Brooks Estate, but commercial dog walking (> 3 dogs) is not allowed. All dogs must be kept on a leash, per City of Medford Ordinance 6-38. In addition, please pick up after your dog (per City of Medford Ordinance 62-95). This will help keep Brooks Pond and the trails clean. Thank you!

Fishing in Brooks Pond

Brooks Pond may be fished (catch and release only, please) from several points on shore and the end of the Boardwalk. Species include small-mouth bass, croppies and perch. Note: Drought-like conditions in 2015 have affected Brooks Pond, so the water level may be quite low.

The Pond and the wetlands environment is fragile. Please tread lightly. No boats are allowed. Please do not litter. Do not leave fishing tackle in trees or on the ground. If you find fishing line or tackle, please pick it up.

Glacier boulder (erratic) at the Estate

Glacier boulder (erratic) at the Estate

Vehicular Access

Access by car is limited. The access drive run is reachable by car only via the adjacent Oak Grove Cemetery. Drive very slowly on the access drive! he Cemetery has two main entrances: Grove Street (double gates) and on Playstead Road (several entrances) These are generally open M-F, ca. 7 or 9 a.m. to dusk. Do not park in the Oak Grove Cemetery -- parking is strictly enforced on Cemetery property. See our detailed map.


At the Brooks Estate, there is a small lot adjacent to the access drive across from the Pond boardwalk. Do not park in front of green gates. Alternatively, park off Grove Street and walk in at the large green gate on Grove Street. Handicapped parking is available at the access drive lot and up near the Manor.

Do not park in the Oak Grove Cemetery -- parking is strictly enforced on Cemetery property.

Bonus 1: The Brooks Family Heritage Trail (Medford)

Doug Carr of M-BELT created (and premiered) the fabulous Brooks Family Heritage Trail in Medford, showing 15 sites connected to the Brooks family and their three century history in Medford. You may walk, bike or drive the Trail, starting at the Salem Street Burial Ground (Medford Square) and ending at the Brooks Estate on Grove Street. A handy Map accompanies each Guide.

Download the Trail Guide (long version) (PDF).

Download the Trail Guide (short version) (PDF)

Bonus 2: The Art of the Brooks Family: Architecture, Painting and Sculpture

Doug Carr of M-BELT has been fascinated with the connections of the Brooks family to the arts, particularly nineteenth-century painting, sculpture and architecture. He has presented his illustrated talk several times; each outing reveals more information! Download the late-2015 version (PDF).