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Fun Fact

65-70 species of birds visit or live at the Brooks Estate every year.



Boardwalk to Brooks Pond

An Urban Oasis

With over 50 acres of protected open space, the Brooks Estate is an environmental asset and historic landscape of great value to human visitors and wildlife alike.

Graced by a rolling, ascending topography, the property features Brooks Pond (ca. 9 acres), wetlands (ca. 21 acres), forest (ca. 25 acres) and the core historic landscape (about 5 acres).

This is a glaciated landscape with kettle holes, erratics and prominent ledge. The forest is primarily oak and maple, with numerous large trees planted by the Brooks family. The Pond, hand-dug in the 188O's from an existing marsh, anchors the Estate to the south.

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Habitat, Birds, Fish and Visitors

The Brooks Estate provides critical habitat for native and migrating birds and small mammals. Fish lurk in Brooks Pond, and a variety of plants and flowers dot the landscape and catch the eye.

Visitors are welcome to stroll (or jog) on the trails, seek birds, fish in the Pond (catch and release) or simply enjoy the outdoors.

The property is contiguous to the Winchester Town Forest and on a wildlife corridor to the Middlesex Fells. It is quiet year round, breezy in summer and starkly beautiful in the winter. Best of all, the lay of the land remains much as it has been for millennia.

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